As we gather for worship this weekend, as we meet to pray with friends and family, we consider the ongoing ravages of drought in our state of NSW and western Queensland;
we consider the flooding crisis in Townsville and now in several farming communities in Queensland, where there had been years of drought until this new disaster;
we consider the bushfires in Tasmania and Victoria, and the warnings in Western Australia.

We pray for the immediate needs of individuals and communities.
We pray for the wisdom of community and political leaders.
We pray for the ongoing and imminent disaster of climate change – for courage and wisdom to act and to lead.

Raise your voices in lament for those suffering and near to breaking,
confession for our ignoring the truth, and our failures to act,
intercession for those in fear and need,
raise your voice and hands in hope because the risen, crucified Christ is with all who suffer, and with all of us.

And when you pray, move your feet.