A Prayer for Fair Treatment

I was asked to craft a prayer for the presentation at our Synod Meeting in July, about the film premiere of Half A Million Steps and the Fair Treatment Campaign.

God of life,
We are amazed that you place humanity at the heart of creation,
shaping us in your image,
with breath and love,
and name us as very good.

Help us to see each and every one
as an image of you,
to know and name their worth,
and to offer them life and justice.

God of healing,
we pray for those with wounded lives,
who experience brokenness,
through their own addiction,
or the illness of those they love.

Help us to serve them,
to challenge and care for them,
to help them discover their value
as human beings, reflections of your image
and to find life again.

We pray for those who grieve,
may they find the peace they need,
and a heart for those who have similar struggles. 

God of justice,
Your prophets cried out for those
whose lives are crippled by injustice,
by a community prejudiced to those in power.

Help us to be advocates
for those who cannot speak, or act, for themselves,
for those who need hope more than judgment.

Let us offer treatment
for those who are suffering, not punishment;
let us create avenues of hope,
not structures which deny life.

Give us strength for this journey,
and companions on the way,
and may the hope of Jesus, the crucified and risen one,
light our path at every step.